Transition Timeline – 15 months HRT

Hey guys today marks exactly 15 months on HRT so I figured I’d celebrate with…you guessed it, a timeline!


X-mas 2014.


April 2015. This is officially the last picture of me ever with a beard.


May 2015. I decided to start transition. I knew basically nothing about makeup or how to dress myself. Early days of experimentation.


September 1 – 2015 – Day 1 of HRT!


October 2015 – second month of HRT


November 2015 – third month of HRT


December 2015 – fourth month of HRT


January 2016 – fifth month of HRT


February 2016 – sixth month of HRT


March 2016 – 7th month of HRT


April 2016 – 8th month of HRT. Got my name legally changed!


May 2016 – 9th month of HRT. Really starting to get into makeup more. This is one of the first pictures of myself I truly loved. I felt so on point that day.


June 2016 – tenth month of HRT.


July 2016 – 11th month of HRT.


August 2016 – 12th month of HRT


September 2016 – 13th month of HRT. I got my hair highlighted!


October 2016 – 14th month of HRT. Met my current girlfriend.


November 2016 – 15th month of HRT. Started injectables!


November 27 2016


Decemeber 1 2016 – Today! Got my second shot of estrogen. Finally bought a choker like a real trans girl.

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9 responses to “Transition Timeline – 15 months HRT

  1. You young ones are fortunate, and have better results from hrt, than when one such as myself that started much later in life. Great photo timeline, you have a smile that radiates your inner happiness. Be well

  2. lynor62

    you have come a long way in your journey yp become the beautiful women you are now

  3. Aaah you look fantastic! I love how much happier you look as time goes on 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting this. It’s inspiring (as well as some other stuff of yours I’ve stumbled upon!) 🙂

  5. Fantastic timeline, you’ve really blossomed. Sorry, I am as jealous as hell, just wished I had started much younger. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

  6. You are everything I wish I could have been… Stay the course, and here’s to much happiness in your transition (I am ENVIOUS!)

  7. Lucia

    You are looking good gal, I wish I was as brave as you coz I know I want to be a woman like you. Stay blessed :).

  8. Eager

    Its amazing to see you looking from sad & depressed in the earlier photos to happy with your smile getting wider & then being more & more confident & sexy as the time went by.God Bless.

  9. Claire

    You look fantastic

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